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Caroline Arvidsson
Registrated Fife-Breeder with a Breederdiploma from Sverak

Rö, Sweden

I am the proud owner of these wonderful cats and I bought my first Ragdoll in 1999. Animals have always been very important in my life, I do not feel complete without them!

My catteryname S*RagGorgeous was registered in SVERAK 2007-10-25 and I had my first litter in october 2008.

I live with my  beloves cats in a really cozy house in the countryside in Rö, Sweden. Because I don´t want to many cays in my home I also own cats who lives in "fosterhomes" where they get all they can wish for ;)

I will always have a quite small cattery, it´s important for me to have time for all my animals. They should all feel very special and have lots of love and attention. I have a wonderful harmony in my catgroup - better friends are hard to find! My cats live with me as full familymembers, is with me everywhere and sleep next to me at night. They get everything they need - and probably more! We also have a catyard at my balcony, and they love it!!

My breeding

I am very careful in my breeding program and over the years I´ve learned alot about health, genetics and breeding in general, as the years go you get more and more experience. Has among other things, served as breedingsecretary of the Swedish RagdollClub and worked as a veterinarynurse at a large animal hospital in Stockholm. I am member of Stockholm's cat club (SK) since 2002. 

Health and temperament are very important in my breeding, I want to do everything possible to get as healthy cats as possible, I want to know I have done everything I can!

I ultrasound kidneys (CIN) and heart (HCM) acording to the health program
I also DNA test for HCM, and test for blood grouping.

When I´ve made all the tests I know I have a healthy breedingcattery. For me it is a basic requirement to preserve the health of this wonderful breed! Then there is the living individuals, we have so we can never guarantee anything.  I want with good and clear conscience, be able to sell my kittens with the knowledge that I have done everything I could to give my kittens and their new owners all the prerequisites for a long, healthy and happy life together! As I myself would like to have it when I buy a new family member!

I do not sell kittens over the internet but would always meet my kitten buyers in person when I value a good contact very high. However - e.mail is a good first contact, where you tell a little about yourself and your family, how you live, how you work, etc.. If you are a breeder I would like you to tell me about your breedinggoals, how you keep your cats etc. It is very important for me to know that each kitten end up in the right home and also to you as buyers always know that you can contact me at any time. No questions are unnecessary or stupid! I reserve the right to say no to people if it does not feel quite right, we should after all have a relationship for many years ahead ... :)

I sell my kittens primarily as pets, but sometimes for show and breeding, only to serious breeders who follow the healthprograms and have good livingconditions for the cats. I do not accept cats in cages or declawing!!!

I can sell kittens for foreign breeders, but at your shippingexpence, and I want you to come to Sweden to get your kitten, I will never send away kittens alone by air.

I have done Pawpeds Internet Course G1 read more by clicking on the cockade below. 2an attendees as soon as I can.



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