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S*RagGorgeous Esme Cullen

Ragdoll, female
Blue mitted (a04)
Born: 2014-04-27
Weight: 6 kg

Mother: CH S*Evenstar´s Vega af Igasto (n03)
Father: CH S*AmazingDollz Wonderful Winner (n04)

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DNA HCM: n/n
Ultrasound heart and kidneys: normal
Bloodgroup: A

Essie is pure love and I knew I would never be able to sell her away allready when she was 3 days old. She is a clown and soo loving, purrs all the time. She is a lady who knows what she wants but she is supersweet and looooves to play.  She have got BIG, adoreble kittens and is a fantastic mother!! My fantastic, superfriendly, big girl! At her first show ever she got BIV  :)

SE*IsaDolls Daytona

Ragdoll, female
RAG f 0321
Born: 2017-03-24
Weight: 4,8 kg

Mother: SE*Nicandmac Alva (g03)
Father: S*Medinas Dolls Riddick (n0421)

DNA HCM: n/n
Heart and kidneys: normal
Bloodgroup: A


Thank you Tina at SE*IsaDolls for this pearl, loved her since I first saw her!!
Iris is a girl who knows what she wants, very cuddly and playful! When she is ready she will have kittens, Im so looking forward to that, she can give so many colours to her kittens!

CH S*Evenstar´s Vega af Igasto

Ragdoll, female (neutered)
n 03 (HM, carrier of chocolate)
Born: 110404
Weight: 5,2 kg

Ultrasound heart and kidneys: normal
Bloodgroup: A


Another lovestory!!

I loved this girl at first sight when she was just 2 weeks old!! Sooo happy she is mine!!  I got to choose her name and chose Vega because she is from Evenstar´s V-liter and I love that name.  Vega is one of the strongest shining stars at out sky and for me she was pure love! Some days later I got a sms from Christina (S*Evenstar´s) wondering if I can guess who had "name-day" just special that day I met the kittens for the first time, unawared that I was going to fall in love in this girl. Off course it was VEGA!! It just feels like destiny.

Vega is a very social girl, talks alot and loves to cuddle!! Extremely kind and calm but whe she is in a playmode, you´ll notice ;) She loves to be carried around and be with me everywhere. She is just adoreble!! Love her! She has also been the most incredible mother!!

Thank you Christina and Jonas,
S*Evenstar´s for letting me buy this pearl from you!!

Vega is now neutered and a fulltime grandma in our home. Im so thankful for the litters she has given me!

S*RagGorgeous Pot Pourri

Ragdoll, neutered male
Seal bicolour (n03)
Born 2015-08-06
Weight: 7 kg
HCM DNA: n/n

Mother: CH S*Evenstar´s Vega af Igasto (n03)
Father: S*RagGorgeous Barliman Butterbur (n04)

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I just couldn´t sell this wonderful little guy with the biggest heart I have ever met.

He is just my cat soulmate! First I was not going to keep a cat at home from this litter, but after loosing both my oldcat Ymer and our beloved rottweiler Boris at short time Pot told me very clearly that he is ment to stay with us. I acctually believe he told me when he was just a few days old, but I was so sure not keeping someone so I didnt listen to him at once, but that doesnt meen I didnt felt it in my heart!

He is everywhere I am, pure love and a fantastic cat! Sooo sweet, kindest ever and very intelligent, finds new things to do all the time. Talkes a lot and LOVES food! SUPERFRIENDLY!

Pot is neutered and will be just the cuddlecat he is!

Because I want to keep my cattery small and not have more than 5 cats in our home, I sometimes place cats in fosterhome. Thank you for taking so good care of our sweethearts! After I have used them in my breedingprogram the ownership goes over to the fosterhome and the cat is their forever.

SE*LillaSäbys Hjalmar

Ragdoll, male  * PG-free *
Seal mitted, RAG n04
Born 2018-08-07
Weight: 2,9 kg at 5 months age

Tests: DNA HCM n/n through her parents
Scanning HCM and kidneys: under 2019

I co-own this adoreble male  with S*HeavenlyDolls, SE*Ragadonis and SE*LillaSäbys. He is a real teddybear!! Looking forward to his developing!

Hjalmar lives in a fosterhome with Margita in Täby/Stockholm.

Hjalmar will not be avalible for breed outside our catteries.

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S*RagGorgeous Basilica Trofimena

I own Basilica together with SE*Nordness Ragdolls in Uppsala where Basilica lives. Basilicas first litter will be mine and then Linda takes over the ownership totally. Basilica is a very personal, brave and curious girl, full of love!! And incredible beautiful!

Ragdoll, female
RAG f04
Born: 2018-06-04
Wheigt: 3,4 kg at 7 months of age
Mother: S*RagGorgeous Esme Cullen (RAG a04)
Father: SE*Ragadonis RedRocks Rebel (RAG d03)

DNA HCM: n/n
Scanning heart and kidneys: normal (May 2019)


S*RagGorgeous Coracao De Boi

Cora is from my last litter of Hulda and Rebel is the father. She will stay in my breedingprogram but will live in i fosterhome with Ulrika in Täby. Im planning her first litter summer/autumn 2020, after scanning heart and kidneys of course.

Ragdoll, female
Seal tortie bicolour RAG f03)
Born: 2019-03-13
Weight: 1,5 kg at 12 weeks of age

Mother: S*RagGorgeous Hulda Conn (RAG n03)
Father: SE*Ragadonis RedRocks Rebel (RAG d03)

DNA HCM: n/n through parents
Scanning heart and kidneys: during 2020

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