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We expect Selkirk Rex-kittens in the end of March.

NO*Serotonin Rapunzel
(SRS h24)
HCM normal
PKD DNA: negativ
CH SE*Tasselyckan Jihoon
(SRL ns11)
HCM normal
PKD DNA: negativ
Carrier of colourpoint and chocolate.


50% longhair, 50% shorthair
All kittens get curls, 50/50 homo- or heterozygot
50% silver
Males: black, red or ev chocolate
Honor: black, blacktortie, chocolate, chocolatetortie
75% patterned; shaded, tigreradeor spotted. 25% colourpoint.

There has been love and we hope for ragdollkittens around April 20th.

S*RagGorgeous Coracao de Boi "Cora"
RAG f 03

Ultraljud hjärta + njurar: ua
Blodgrupp A
Bärare av choklad och dilution
Har de riskfria PG-linjerna i stamtavlan
som aldrig gett upphov till dvärgväxt = EJ PG-fri.
5 kg kärlek
SE*Mollydoll´s Ruby of Tofslan
RAG n 03

Ultraljud hjärta + njurar: ua
Blodgrupp: A
Bärare av dilution
9 kg kärlek

 > Kullstamtavla

Väntat utfall:
Hanar: rött, creme, brunt, blått
Honor: brunt, blått, brunsköldpadd och blåsköldpadd
100% Bicolour (HM)

I am very careful in my selection of buyers for my kittens to have the right home!

After we have created a contact, I follow my "stomachfeeling" and I have the right to say no if it feels "wrong." I have no queuing system - "right home" is what counts and is important to me. All cats have their own personality with the characteristics and peculiarities that will come into its own new home.

Mail is a good first contact if you are interested, but I do not sell kittens over the Internet but always want to meet buyers in person before purchasing the kitten is implemented. Off course If you live faaar away we can get to know eachother over phone and e-mail. I always take references at the buyers of a breedingcat, if possible.

All kittens are sold strictly as indoor cats! But they may well have access to enclosed balcony, cat house or go out on a leash. But never be out loose, alone and unattended.

My kittens are growing up with me in the apartment, so they learn quickly how to behave in a home. They become accustomed to our dog from about 2 weeks of age. They learn not to hang the curtains, eat flowers and more. They all get their own time with me so they can feel independent and valued as individuals as well - it has been shown to help them when they then go to their new home, so last time before the move, they should not have problems to be without a mother or siblings .

I am selling my kittens primarily as a pet but would anyone be suitable also for show and breeding, they might be sold to it. Kittens that shows "breeding quality" will be sold only to reputable, registered breeders or persons with considerable knowledge that has to start breeding. The breeder I sell to, share my opinion on health tests - to do everything you can to make sure you only breed at healthy cats to give the kittens the best conditions for a healthy life. I totally against cages and declawing!!! The cat is a family member!!!

I NEVER send a kitten alone in a airplane, I want the new owner to pick the kitten up either at our home or I meet up in Arlanda Airport.

The most important thing for me is that kittens receive a lifelong, loving home where it gets a lot of love, care and everything else it needs! A cat should not be alone for more than a few hours a day, so if you / you work full time, you should consider having two cats. My experience is that most Ragdolls like it best if it has a feline friend to hang out, cuddle and play with. If you have a dog it also works great as a companion. Are they alone are often the result that they become over activated, you will find easier to play and add to the vices. Cats need stimulation to thrive.

I would like to maintain contact with my kitten buyers even after the kitten moved to their new home. If my kitten buyers have questions or concerns you can always call me, day and night!

I see my kittens as a lifelong commitment! I will always be there for my kitten buyers!

Contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in a kitten from me!
With love / Caroline

With a kitten from S*RagGorgeous follows..

* SVERAK pedigree
* Vaccination card
* Buyers contract
* Veterinary Inspection Certificate,
not older than 7 days
* CHIP certificate
* USB with photos of the kitten's upbringing
* ... Of course lifetime support in all matters of the kitten!
* Kittenfood from Royal Canin, enough for apx 4-5 days

When kittens leave us they are:
* at least12-14 weeks old
*Use to dogs and children
* Registered with pedigree in SVERAK
* Vaccinated 2 times
* Veterinary inspected
* ID-Chipped
* Hidden-fault insured in Agria
* Socially trained and raised with much love and great care!

I can sell kittens to registrated foreign breeders, but at your shippingexpences, and I want you to come to Sweden to get your kitten. I will never send away kittens alone by airplane. Its also the foreign breeders responsibility to tell me what the kittens need to get in to your country, so I can get that for you in time.

Booking-fee for a kitten is 2-3000 SEK

Vega & Sinbar 2015 - LOVE!!

Miss Brandy 2021

Me and Honey 2011

Elsa Sass, 2017


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