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Breeder with diploma from SVERAK

I live in a cozy house on the countryside with my fiance, our rottweiler Harry our Ragdolls and the Sphynx Tyra.
My animals are a very important part of my life and I love them to the moon and back! They are off course full members of my family, sleep with me in the bed and have free access to my home. I believe my animals was ment for me because they all have a very special story :) Because of that I´m also very careful with who gets to buy kittens from me, its usually so that the kitten choose ;) Its all about personal chemistry and hearts!

In my breedingwork I put huge emphasis on health and temperament, but off course also to preserve the breed standard as a big, heavy cat with silky fur and deep blue eyes! I follow the healthprograms at kidneys and heart (HCM & CIN) but also test DNA HCM-1, and bloodgroup to know that I am only planning kittens with the best conditions for a long, happy and healthy life in their new families!

I can export kittens to breeders with simular breedinggoals as me, and who also focus at keeping the health at our Ragdolls. I dont ship kittens alone with airplane, I want them to fly in the cabin with the buyer.

Best Regards / / Caroline

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Good luck to the Tomatoes who are moving to their forever homes today!

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Tomatolitter, born 190313

Beautiful Basilica!!
7 months old and 3,4 kg

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